As a young girl, my elderly neighbors would hide little gifts around their house because I loved treasure hunting. It was our special version of hide and seek. They would hide the “treasures,” and I would spend hours searching for them. The excitement at what I would find was often more gratifying than actually finding a gift. As I reflect back, it was their way of keeping me occupied and not having to answer the 10,001 questions I always asked.

One day during my hunt, I couldn’t find anything. I was sad and ready to go home. That’s when “Grandpa Wells” as I called him, sat me on his lap and told me that I wouldn’t find a treasure that day because they had not hidden one. He said that I was God’s treasure. They loved me and wanted to make sure I knew how special I was, and that all I needed to find was the Lord. He and Grandma Wells said everything you need to be great is already in you.

After that day, our treasure hunts became sporadic because they and my beloved Auntie spent hours letting me know what a treasure I was. They said God loved me so much that He made me in His image and according to His likeness. I didn’t understand it all then, but I am so grateful for all they instilled in me.

It’s what I want you to know my Sister. You are God’s masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus so you can do the good things He has planned for you. The new life you received at salvation cannot help but show itself in the good works God has predestined for you. Yes, indeed, He who has begun this good work in you is well able to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

You are God’s treasured possession. He loves you so much that you bear His image and His likeness. You are the crowning of His creation, fearfully and wonderfully made, perfectly formed, purposefully planned and uniquely gifted. The gift of you was formed not only to exist; no, my Sister, you have been created to have great influence, make an impact and leave a legacy.

Did you know that even when you didn’t know God, He knew your name? He saw you in the spirit before you were ever thought of in the natural. Not only did He know you, but He also gave you a title of honor; He called you daughter of the Most High God. You, yes you, are royalty. It is time you come from behind the walls of the palace and be hidden no more. You are as the caterpillar breaking forth from the cocoon and becoming as a beautiful butterfly.

So, my dear Sister, I encourage you to walk confident, knowing that the uniqueness of you is a masterpiece that has been handcrafted by God, for His glory. You are more precious to God than the rarest diamond or most perfect natural pearl. For, like a pearl, which is the only gem made by a living organism, you are the only creation made in God’s image. You are a precious jewel, a rare treasure.

You have greatness in you. God, your Father, is ready to present you, His masterpiece to the world. He’s ready for you to take wings and fly. He’s ready for you to flourish, to prosper, and be great. So, I say to you: Go forth. Shine. Be. Do. The King has unveiled the hidden treasure in you.

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