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You Are God’s Masterpiece and Treasure

As a young girl, my elderly neighbors would hide little gifts around their house because I loved treasure hunting. It was our special version of hide and seek. They would hide the “treasures,” and I would spend hours searching for them. The excitement at what I would find was often more gratifying than actually finding […]

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Overcoming the Fear of Your Yes

  I’m not overly adventurous. I have thrill-seeking friends who thrive on anything risky, and that looks dangerous. These are people who say yes to anything. Me, nope, I’ll watch with my feet firmly planted on the ground. I like safe. I’m almost risk averse. So when I travel, I like calm, a good book, […]

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It’s the Day After. What Does It All Mean?

This election did not turn out as millions had hoped. However, the results are as God knew they would be. While I may not understand why, I take solace in trusting that God does. The final count surprised many, but God, my Father, is never surprised. The fact that he allowed this candidate to win means […]

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